Another Big Win!

With hard work & perseverance, our Amber is now a RN/SDC!

We are so proud of Amber! She (of course) earned her degree from East Tennessee State University. Amber had been an LPN for a number of years, before getting her RN. She will do great at anything she sets her mind to!

Congratulations to Amber for her academic achievement, and all the things she does for us here at Signature HealthCARE of Fentress! We love you!

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It’s Gardening Time!

Look at the pretty flowers, look at the beautiful strawberries, and they are all over and blooming still and the ones that are ripe are so very, very sweet! (If only the birds will stay out of them!) I am grateful for them, and if we can grow enough, our blueberries & strawberries will make amazing fruit pies we can all share!

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Congrats to Andrea Brown, Housekeeping Employee of the Month!

Andrea has worked here at Signature for almost 2 years. She comes to work with a smile as bright as sunshine and leaves most of the time doing the same. She has lots of residents whom adore her because she “knows how to clean my room”. We love our employees here and although there isn’t a true way to give them all they are worth monthly or even daily but recognizing them or just saying “good job, everything looks great, thank you” would mean so much! Andrea most always smiles coming and going and for that we congratulate her on her good work and awesome personality.

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Pony Visit!

Today we had a Pony friend visit the facility! Look at their cute little ears!

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Animal Visits!

Here are some more photos of our beautiful and happy folks living and visiting here at Signature HealthCARE of Fentress County. Animals that visit are especially joyful and our residents love it so much.

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Look at our sweet puppy!

This beautiful healthy amazing dog is Gypsy! She belongs to our Administrator Marshal Huddleston and when she comes to visit all our residents really enjoy her (although she usually stays close to Marshal), she is not selfish with love, and is glad to allow everyone to pet her and give her treats!

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Stakeholder of the Month Winner!

Congratulations to Angie Cravens! She’s the winner for this month’s stakeholder of the month!

We are so proud to have Angie here with us, as she works hard every day and has been an employee at Signature for many years! Some of our residents look to her as family because she often goes above and beyond to make sure everyone here, including staff, to ensure they have all they need to make their day better! Thank you for all you do each & every day Angie! You’re amazing & we’re proud to work with you!

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Fun While We Work!

At Fentress, we love just to enjoy some fun with our camera! All these great team players are just THAT fantastic! They’re always smiling when I ask for a picture, all while working hard. Here is a photo of one of our unsung heroes, Barbara!

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Let’s Play A While Guys!

Today we’re having a blast with our Therapy Team, Sherry Weaver and Diane Mills! As you can see, it’s not all just work, work, work! Sometimes working hard is also playing hard, and these therapists can get it done, folks! That’s a fact!

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