Donald Lankford first came to us in February 2012 following knee replacement surgery as an inpatient.

He improved quickly and met his goals well enough to be able to return home in just under three weeks, with continuing outpatient services. With the outpatient services, Donald was able to continue gaining strength, safety and mobility.

He met all of his goals and told us, “I am getting around better now than before my surgery.”

Donald is actively involved in community activities, and it was important to him that he continue to participate in the activities with little interruption.

When he again found need for physical therapy services earlier this year, Donald returned to his Signature family.

“I’m back,” he said, smiling outside my office door.

We are so happy to see our ‘friends’ return. Even happier to watch them get well and return to the business of life.

– Lisha Wiley, SHC of Fentress

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