Signature Healthcare of Fentress County joins the Eden Alternative


Signature Healthcare of Fentress County in Jamestown, TN, joined the Eden Alternative Registry on September 23, 2014.

This small country home is doing great things to create home and a positive sense of well-being for everyone that lives and works there.  Things like creating a spa like bathing experience, family style dining and consistent care partner employee assignments just to name a few.

Variety and spontaneity is very important and there is no shortage here in Fentress County. Each year they plan and raise money to take Elders on fun filled adventures and vacations.  Last year they went camping in Sanding Stone State Park and this year they are going to Walt Disney World.  At Halloween they enjoy the Haunted Hollow train ride through the mountains and attend Trick or Treat on the square.

Staying connected to the community is important to the culture of this home so they host a huge blue grass festival every year, they have an active bell choir and they invite local schools and the boy and girls scout to come and participate in fun activities. Each day is rich with meaning and close interactions as Elders enjoy waking and having coffee together, hanging out in country store playing games or sitting out in the courtyard watching the rabbits and soaking up the sun.

Ed the Chaplain says that Signature Healthcare of Fentress County is getting a reputation in the community as a place to be and live abundantly, when people move in here “it is not the end but the beginning” and if you come by for a visit you will see why.

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