Fentress volunteer recruitment dinner a success

by Ben Adkins via SHC Daily News

Jamestown TN Nursing Home Volunteers
A volunteer recruitment dinner held last week yielded immediate results for Signature HealthCARE of Fentress County.

Staff at the home handed out more than a dozen applications for volunteers, and three were completed on the spot, said Chaplain Linda Page-Montgomery.

“It was a delightful evening,” she said. “We are excited about the results.”

Guests for the dinner – themed ‘Volunteer Cafe’ – were seated as they would be in a restaurant and handed a menu. Each menu contained pictures and descriptions of volunteer opportunities available at SHC of Fentress County. There was also a display board and table, and Administrator Bill Tant presented the mission and vision of the newly-formed Signature Health Systems (Rural Segment).

Meanwhile, Jeanne thomas gave an overview of QOL opportunities, Susan Asberry discussed Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and Page-Montgomery talked about opportunities in the Department of Spirituality.

“A lovely meal prepared by our own dietary department was received with rave reviews,” she said.

There was also a drawing for a bouquet of flowers and a question-and-answer session. For their next recruiting effort, staff plans to venture out into the community.

“We are now going to ‘take it to the street’ by having a booth outside of our local Wal-Mart,” Page-Montgomery said.