Who Can I Help Today

All around you people are hurting.They need your love and your encouragement. Don’t miss the miracle of the moment. Get up in the morning with this attitude: “Who can I be a blessing to today? Who can I encourage? Where is there a need that I can meet?” I’ve discovered if I meet other people’s needs, God will meet mine. That if I make somebody else happy, God will make me happy. When you study the life of Jesus, you’ll notice that he always took time for people. He was busy, but he always took time to do good for somebody else. He would stop and go out of his way to bring help to those in need. When they tried to bring the little children to Jesus, the disciples┬ásaid, “No, don’t bother him. He’s busy. He’s too important.” It’s so easy to get caught up in our own little world that we forget about the needs of others. “I’ve got my own plans. Don’t get me off my schedule.” Instead, take time to make a difference for someone else today. You will never enjoy the time you have until you have shared it with others.