What Would Be The Outcome?

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto thy path. Psalm 119:105

In World War II a group of soldiers was assigned a crucial mission. In a single night, each soldier had to memorize a map detailing all of Berlin’s military sites. Each soldier memorized all the sites in just a few hours. The mission was a success. A few years ago the Army conducted an experiment to see if the original feat could be duplicated. They offered each soldier an extra week’s furlough, and a very attractive incentive, if they could carry out the mission without a hitch. They could not match the success of the original mission. What made the difference? The men’s lives were not at stake. According to the Apostle Paul in Eph. chapter 6, we are engaged in spiritual warfare. What if your life depended on knowing the Bible. How long would you live? We think only preachers need to know the Bible, but we are all soldiers in this spiritual warfare. The psalmist says that the Bible is a lamp that lights the pathway. Without knowing the Bible, we have no light. The devil keeps us on such a busy path and convinces us that we don’t have time to study the Bible. God has shown me down thru the years the more time I spend studying the Bible, the more time I have for other things. As I sit in hospitals and waiting rooms over the past few days, I’ve heard people complaining about wasting their time, worrying about what they could be doing, and busy at using their thumbs on electronic devices. What a perfect opportunity God gave me to witness to others about taking that time to read the Bible. I think every waiting room I’ve ever been in, there were Bibles laying there, just waiting to be opened up and bring comfort and peace to the reader. If God were to give you a test today on your knowledge of the Bible, and your life depended on passing the test, what would be the outcome?