The Value of Each Day

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

I once read about a school teacher who had a unique way of stimulating her students to think. She would write different things on the chalk board each day that were unrelated to their studies. One morning she wrote the number 25,550 on the board. One student finally asked the teacher why that number was there. She explained that 25,550 represented the number of days in the life of a person who lived to be 70. The teacher was trying to emphasize the brevity of life and the value of each day.

It is very important that we make the most of our time each day. Plan wisely and use your time well. You need to know your areas of strength to benefit others. Don’t make each day a constant struggle by rushing through trying to do more and not enjoying the time. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to how we spend our time. Each day we are bombarded with busy schedules, deadlines to meet, and making too many plans for the future. Take a moment each morning to focus on the day at hand and not on all the many tasks that we try to fit in every day.

Psalm chapter 90 is attributed to Moses as the writer. As I study the life of Moses, I can see that he had far more responsibilities and concerns on him than I will ever have. He was asking God to help him consider the shortness of life and apply his heart to Godly wisdom each day. Take time today to count how many days of life God has blessed you with, and thank him by sharing your time with others. Don’t just spend time, invest it. Ask God to teach you to number your days and spend them wisely to honor him and help others so that you can know the value of each day.

Father, As we humble ourselves before you, we thank you for the blessing of life that you give us each day. Help us to number our days and use them wisely by sharing our time with others. Amen.