Celebrating our amazing and wonderful hard working stakeholders of Fentress County Signature Healthcare!

Just a short shout out to all the stakeholders and all the employees that work in this building, I think of the that old saying “it takes a village to get things done right”! how true that is in health care as well if we all didn’t do our part no matter big or small then just think how hard it would be to make things happen and to make others feel welcomed and loved and help in the healing process. I for one am so thankful for all the staff in our building I would name names but I would surely forget for sure. I want to recognize Nursing, including the CNAs, HA, and anyone else whom is directly or indirectly involved in the nursing care of a resident to help them get better fast.) Thank you!, to everyone in Housekeeping for keeping our trash emptied, for making things smell nice keeping the clothes clean and bed clothes, windows clean for our window visits, to our Kitchen/Dietary workers who come into to work at times 4:00 AM just making sure things get done so it will be a smooth day. For Maintenance for keeping our lights going to help us see, for keeping us HOT/COLD and everything in between. Thank You! We all have parts to play and it’s everyone’s job to keep residents safe and taken care of so from Admissions to the very last person to finish whatever it takes to make that person comfortable in this building Thank you and don’t ever think you are not thought of, prayed for, and bragged on to others because IT REALLY DOES TAKE A VILLAGE and although I am not a Chief by NO means, I know we are all important in this piece of the pie!