Familiar faces filling new shoes!

[custom_gallery source=”media: 2393″ limit=”1″ link=”none” target=”self” width=”600″ height=”600″ title=”hover”] We have some familiar faces filling some new shoes! Maybe just filling some new job titles.
Congrats to Mrs. Shelia Wright, RN. she is now our new Director of Nursing/Chief Operating Officer at our facility in Fentress County. Mrs. Wright(Shelia) is married with 1 son and has been married for 15yrs. Sheila has been in the nursing field for the past 33yrs. I asked some questions regarding her new position and here is what they were: 1.) Is this job something you have always wanted? She answered “Well yes but didn’t think it would be right now at this time, but I am happy to have a chance to do this job. 2.) What have you noticed most in nursing? she replied: “So much has changed in nursing since I first started but one thing I want to see happen sooner than later is I want to see the elders happier and more engaged and allow more things to be done with them”. 3.) How has the pandemic effected the way you now care for your elders? she says: “I am more stressed bout things but I see our elders need us more than ever as families cant come inside and we become more like family to our residents as we start to be with them more and it has made me realize that I should never take for granted time well spent with my family cause tomorrow I may not get to see them again or may only see them thru a window as this is how we are allowing our families to do now it makes me sad but much more aware of how precious time is.” Sheila is a very considerate and thoughtful person and an awesome nurse I pray she is here for a really long time and that she continues to help us all grow in our building throughout any challenge that we may face in the future. Congrats! to Mrs Shelia Wright, RN/DON/COO! We love you!